Russia Memorial Panels
The Eight Main Panels of the Memorial as inscribed in 2015

The panel inscriptions at first glance are difficult to read because of weathering. However zooming-in makes the inscriptions legible. The Panel numbers are discernable at the foot of the middle column of each one. It's also easier to read if opened to full screen using the button at right of the image menu panel.
Before it was taken down the Russia Memorial showed the only Victoria Cross holder memorialised at Brookwood. Samuel George Pearse VC MM, an Australian veteran who was discharged from the Australian Imperial Forces in 1919 and re-enlisted in the British Army. At the age of 22 years and a sergeant he was serving with the Royal Fusiliers during the North Russia Campaign when awarded the VC for conspicuous bravery, devotion to duty and self-sacfirfice. He was buried at Obozerskay near Archangel in North Russia.
At P2 C3 you'll find Major James Valentine a trained motor mechanic who flew aircraft from Brooklands from 1910 & worked in Paris as a pilot in 1911. In that year he was the only British competitor in the European Circuit & also flew the Daily Mail Circuit of Britain. He joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1914 taking charge of the British Aviation Depot in Paris. He was sent on several 'special missions' one of which resulted in his death. He died in Kiev in August 1917.

In the aftermath of World War 2 and during the cold war the graves of those memorialised on the Russia Memorial were considered inaccessible and thus it was erected in 1983. With the thawing of relations with Russia and the Baltic States those graves and memorials became accessible to the Commission and to relatives. Commission policy has long been that commemoration of an individual must not be duplicated and therefore the Memorial was removed in 2015.