Brookwood Memorial Service

In these pages you will find the speech made by Mrs Gerry Manolas, Chair of the MAFCSV, a list of attendees and an album of images. The Memorial Service was, of course joined on the day by many other people and families.

Album of Images

Here you can see an album of 200 images featuring the service and people attending.See them here.
Do use these images (licenced for that non-commercial use) in your organisational or personal media. This promotes the work of the organisations shown and importantly helps commemorate & remember the sacrifices of those honoured. These are all pro-bono, but if you wish please make a donation to MAFCSV for their use. Click here.


Gerry Manolas refers in her speech to the unflagging work of the MAFCSV, its supporters, the Embassies, the CWGC and others to perpetuate memory of the lives of veterans, their familes and communities as well as caring for the legacy of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces.

These are examples of the ongoing work for which your support is needed.
Here is Edita Sedláková & Zdeňek Sedláks story
Here is information about the life of MARÍNA PAULÍNY & restoration of her grave.
Many of you will recall the visit of Madam President Zuzana Čaputová captured in pictures here.
In this album you will see some familiar faces at the unveiling of the Bellasis House Information Board.

On the Support MAFCSV page you will see a list of projects underway currently.

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