Veterans Day 2019

A ceremony dedicated to the fallen, those who serve & have served, families & friends of all Nations.
Hosted by the ABMC at the Brookwood American Military Cemetery on Sunday 10th November 2019

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  The ABMC is represented at all services held at Brookwood. At right are a few images of 3 services at which the ABMC Superintendant laid a wreath.
A round-up of previous ceremonies is here.
Germany Remembers Germany Remembers
Last Post Nov 19 At left images of the Brookwood Last Post Ceremony Sun 3rd November. A prelude to the Veterans Day, Remembrance Sunday & Armistice Day Services Remembrance Sunday Remembrance 19

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The Veterans Day Service events as shown in the programme were;
Reading of the Presidential Proclamation
Master of ceremonies
Posting of the colors
Invocation - British Army Chaplain
Memorial Address
Laying of wreaths
National Anthems
Benediction - British Army Chaplain

Master of Ceremonies: Mrs Laura Taylor, Daughters of the American Revolution, St James Chapter.
Color Guard - Boy Scouts of America
Proclamation: ACS Cobham Girl Scouts Jessica McLean & Leighton Reid
Memorial address: Ambassador Robert Johnson US Embassy London,
Madam Mayor Woking Beryl Hunwicks,
Commander Matthew Garrison, US Navy NATO Allied Maritime Command
Taps: Kenneth Yarham
British Army - ATC Pirbright

The 2-minute montage above features a selection of images from the Veterans Day ceremony.
Best viewed in 720HD & full screen.
The 2-minute montage below set to 1930s jive, perhaps familiar to many of the WW2 era and is a mixed medley of images from the albums shown above.