Remembrance Services by WyrdLight
Remembrance - Ceremonies & Services
Images of international and UK services of commemoration made by WyrdLight. These dedication and remembrance services were held at Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey, the Air Forces Memorial Runnymede or other UK locations.

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Veterans 2019
2019 ABMC Veterans Day
UK Remembrance Sunday 2019.
UK Armistice 2019
Memorial Day 2019
2019 ABMC Memorial Day
Germany honours the war dead of all nations 2019.
Germany 2019
Veterans Day 2018
2018 ABMC Veterans Day
France Remembers 2019.
France 2019
Memorail Day 2018
2018 ABMC Memorial Day
Last Post Brookwood November 2019.
Last Post Nov 2018
Kalman 2018
2018 Kalman Worldwide remembers Private Steen
Canada & UK Armistice Day Centenary 2018.
Canada UK 2018
Memorial Day 2017
2017 ABMC Memorial Day
Germany Remembers 2018.
Germany 2018
USA enters Great War
2017 USA enters The Great War
France Remembers 2018
France 2018
Veterans Day 2016
2016 Veterans Day
Czech & Slovak Republics - Czech Centenary 2018.
Memorial Day 2009
2009 ABMC Memorial Day
Italy Remembers 2015 & 2018
Italy 2015 2018
Violette Szabo
2017 Celebrating Violet Szabo with daughter Tania
Poland Remembers 2018.
poland 2018
CWGC Guides
2017 GWGC Guides
70th Anniversary Battle of Britain 2010
Battle Britain 70th
Pilot Officer
2014 Tribute to Pilot Officer Brannigan
Great War Homage 1914-18
Great War
2019 President Zuzana Čaputová - 13th Peace Tree
Remembering Marína PAULÍNY 2020
Marina Paulina
2020 Armistice Week


Any images portray only a limited glimpse of the service or ceremony and are constrained by the movement of the photographer. Here is my contribution to all those taken. These images form a homage. If anything at all is amiss do tell me.

If you have found an image of yourself in these albums and you'd like a copy please do ask. Tell me whether you want the image for web display or print and I will send you an appropriately sized image. This is by way of thanking you. Without you there wouuld be no photos! If you use an image on a public platform a simple attribution to '' is requested. My email details are here: Contact Antony McCallum. Please do get in touch!